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Danka Bartekova


Bronze medalist from the Olympic Games 2012 in London and holder of many medals from world and European championships and world cups.


“I have been using the ST-2 simulator in my Skeet shooting training. I am very happy with it. I think the practice with the ST-2 simulator helped me with my mounting and with my precision training, so I find it a very positive part of my training every spring, before the season starts...!”





John Conroy


Former IRISH international DTL shooter and European championship medal holder.


"In my opinion the ST2 Simulator is the best coaching aid that exists today for the top competition and game shooter to the beginner off all ages. What sets this system apart is how the shooter can visually see and prefect his technique I have used this system for 8 years with amazing results."







Jocke Smålänning,


Celebrated Swedish coach and multiple European champion:


The simulator from Marksman is outstanding. I use it for coaching and also in my own training.


Johan Andersson


Ballbreaker Sportsbar and Activity Center, Stockholm:


"Ballbreaker use the ST-2 Simulator for various purposes but mostly in triathlon and pentathlon for daily business and pleasure events/groups that ranges from 2-600 people. The simulator is a major part of the entire experience at Ballbreaker and satisfies not only professionals but also beginners and amateurs alike. We have approximately 25-30 000 people that uses the simulator/year and we cannot afford any breakdowns due to that most of our events are prebooked so the simulator has to be very reliable and the ST-2 simulator delivers a 99,99% runtime with minimal setbacks- Conclusion: The system is extremely reliable and always delivers happiness, excitement and competition for our guests. We at Ballbreaker are very proud to have the ST2 simulator at our facility and it gives us returning customers no matter what their ambitions are due to the broad variety of choices and events to chose from. Ballbreaker Activity Centre in Stockholm has approximately 250 000 visitors / year and the ST-2 simulator fits perfectly together with the other activities we have at our facility such as: golf, racing, soccer simulators, billiards, bowling, dart, shuffleboard, slotit car tracks, restaurant and bars. I can strongly recommend the ST-2 simulator."